Infinity Pipe System NSW

Superior Engineering Solutions is the major distributor of the Infinity Piping System in NSW.

This system is a popular range of compressed air and gas piping and is suitable for most industrial compressed air, gas and vacuum systems.

Download the Infinity Piping Brochure here.

The Infinity Piping System for Compressed Air, Vacuum and Gas Solutions

The Infinity Piping System is an aluminium compressed air piping system, brought to the market as an alternative to the Transair system by Legris. Superior Engineering Solutions is one of the leading providers of the Infinity System in NSW and has used it on a large number of projects.

The Infinity system has been designed exclusively for the conveyance of compressed air, inert gases and vacuum. Our expert team at Superior Engineering Solutions will discuss your options with you during your initial site inspection and quote.

We can install Infinity Piping as part of your project or simply supply it for you to install yourself

Superior Engineering Solutions can also manage all aspects of your project

  • Design of your compressed air, gas and vacuum system
  • Installation of electrical and mechanical services
  • Commissioning and testing
  • System optimisation (including energy saving solutions)

The Infinity Piping System is versatile and can be used for most applications. It is also simple to install.

If you’re interested in the Infinity Piping system or our project management services for pneumatic compression systems in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to contact Superior Engineering Solutions.

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