Mechanical Installations

We can manage the design and installation of your ductwork, distribution and reticulation systems

Here at Superior Engineering Solutions we can design and install an efficient piping system for your project, as well as manage the logistics and installation of your entire compressed air, gas and vacuum system.

Our mechanical installation services include:

  • The design and installation of compressed air and gas distribution systems
  • Pipe fabrication and planning
  • Ductwork – design and installation of air handling systems and exhaust ducts
  • Site specific reticulation systems – design and installation
  • Condensate management systems – design and installation

We provide mechanical design, supply and installation services as part of our approach to your project

We offer bespoke services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring system optimisation in terms of energy, performance and longevity.  We can manage every part of your compressed air, gas and vacuum project, from concept design, installation, validation and commissioning, allowing you to get on with looking after the day to day needs of your business.

Our other project management services include:

Speed, efficiency, quality and safety

We combine all of these goals to provide the best engineering services possible. Safety and quality is always our number one priority which comes with designing and installing only the highest quality systems.

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