Air Quality Testing Sydney

Compressed air, gas and vacuum system testing Sydney

Superior Engineering Solutions can perform testing and commissioning on your compressed air, gas or vacuum system to ensure adherence to both national and international standards. Our work includes critical applications such as breathing air, pharmaceutical process air and medical air/vacuum.

Electrical and Mechanical Commissioning

Commissioning on electrical and mechanical services include:

  • Mechanical testing and commissioning of compressed air, vacuum and gas systems
  • Electrical testing and commissioning of compressed air, vacuum and gas systems
  • Verification services – to ensure equipment is performing to specification
  • Energy saving evaluation and optimisation

Compressed air, gas and vacuum system auditing

A comprehensive compressed air and gas system audit includes:

  • Examination of air quality
  • Examination of air consumption
  • Examination of energy consumption
  • Annual cost of operation
  • Air losses/leaks
  • Evaluation of your system design

Testing is carried out in accordance with both the International & National Standards

  • ISO8573 – Compressed Air: Purity Testing
  • AS1715 – Selection Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Device
  • AS2896 – Medical Gas Systems; Installation
  • AS2568 – Medical Gases; Purity of compressed medical air

Leak detection and repair

The costs associated with compressed air, gas and vacuum system leaks are often vastly underrated. Increased running time leads to shorter service intervals, more wear and unnecessary electricity usage. We can complete leak detection audits with the aim of identifying and recording system leaks. By systematically repairing these leaks we will then greatly reduce your operating expenses and even extend the life of your equipment.

Air Quality Testing and Verification

If your business requires stringent monitoring of air quality as part of your operating procedures, we can conduct air quality testing and verification to both ISO8573 and relevant Australian Standards. We can also install monitoring equipment for more permanent solutions.

Installation of compressed air and gas monitoring systems

The installation of permanent monitoring systems has the advantage of real time, instantaneous results, particularly suited to companies and processes that are subject to regular audits.

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